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April 20, 2012  PWWPCD's new sewer jet is environmentally friendly
Summary of New Features:
•Environmental Friendly Hydraulic Fluid - This hydraulic fluid is non-toxic and inherently biodegradable and therefore non threatening to the ecosystem in the event of a fluid leak.
•33% Reduction in Engine Operating Speed - This means lower fuel costs and a safer & quieter environment for operators and neighborhood residents while cleaning sewers.
•¾” Thick Duraprolene Water Tank Walls - Creates a more durable and robust water tank which will last the lifetime of the jetter.
•Reduced Environmental Impact Production Process.

April 16, 2012  Last Phase of the Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade Process is underway
The last phase of the Treatment Plant Upgrade will be completed in May of 2012 - the District will replace the Thickening Mechanism for the existing 30-foot diameter Sludge Thickening Tank and install a permanent cover for the Thickener Tank.
October 2012  Emergency Repairs of Pumping Station F (Sunset Park)  Force Main

South Bound West Shore Road one lane traffic only till October 4,2012. Tanker trucks assisting in the pump station bypass operations will run from Lower Main Street, Shore Road to the Treatment Plant on Harbor Road until new section of the force main is installed. Estimated time of completion - early Thursday morning. 

July 2014   Sandy Hollow Road Siphon Line System replacement project awarded to G&M Earth Moving Inc. Construction slated to begin in late July. Notices will be delivered in advance to affected local residents to advise them of vehicle access and traffic flow. 
First Notice to Area Residents
Route Map of New Siphon Line

July 2013   District to seek capital financing for its Sandy Hollow Road Siphon Line System and Emergency Generators Replacement Project - Public Hearing Date Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Engineering Report

Existing Siphon Line Route Map and Proposed new route 
News Release
October 2016  There was an illegal discharge of fuel oil to the sanitary sewer system on October 17, 2016.  The discharge reached the wastewater treatment plant and caused odor problems in the vicinity of the plant.  The District notified the NYSDEC's Spill Response Team and identified the source of the illegal discharge with their assistance.