Permit Deposit for Cost, Fees and Forms

In the Port Washington WPCD, property owners own and are responsible for the maintenance (and replacement, when necessary) of the building drain (house connection) from the structure to its point of connection to the sewer lateral in the street. Anytime your house connection is being worked on by a licensed and bonded plumber other than for cleaning (1), you are required to obtain a permit from the District. The table below contains the “Deposit-for-Cost” associated with specific permits effective July 20th, 2023.  

**Any funds not utilized will be returned to the applicant following issuance of permit. Applicants will be required to provide additional “Deposit-for-Cost” should multiple site inspections (greater than one full work day) or changes in the proposed plans requiring multiple reviews are required.**

*Note: All applications must include a signed Homeowner’s Release Form:

Licensed and Bonded Plumbers as of May 23, 2024

All Island Excavating Corp. View website631-544-0700
Allied All City View website631-957-5023 Approved for Liners
Long Island Plumbing/Citywide View website800-310-2564 Approved for Liners
Maccarone Plumbing View website516-671-3232
Orchid Sewer & Water Contracting516-747-1311
Port Plumbing & Heating516-883-1996

Application to Connect

Application to Alter, Modify or Repair Existing Service

Application to Disconnect

Application to Disconnect/Connect Combination

General Permit

Request Form for Sewer Availability

Other Fees

Dye Test Fee$250
Sewer Map Reproduction Fee$9 per square foot